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From HK$368.00

Casual womenswear, great for relaxing and sporty activities.

FULBOQ Logo T-Shirt

From HK$369.00

Casual womenswear, embroidered with the FULBOQ logo.

Dal Zotto The 650. Shiny Leather

From HK$1,700.00

Leather bag with a glittery gilt, black waterproof canvas finish.

Dal Zotto The 650. Black Rock

From HK$1,800.00

Studded leather bi-material bag and waterproof canvas

Dal Zotto The 650. Sequin Pink

From HK$1,680.00

Sequins bi-material bag and waterproof canvas.

Leon Bag

From HK$2,200.00

Leather handmade bag.

Romeo Bag

From HK$2,500.00

Small quilted, handmade leather pouch bag.

Girly Pouch

From HK$690.00

Leather pouch.

Vanity Bag

From HK$590.00

Leather vanity bag.